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New Blox Racing K Series 70mm Throttle Body

Upgrading your VTEC throttle body is a must for any Honda enthusiast. For K-Series owners and swap enthusiasts out there who are having a hard time deciding which throttle body to go with, BLOX has the answer for you. Their all-new K Series 70mm throttle body solves multiple problems that have long plagued K20 owners.

If you own an aftermarket K20 intake manifold, chances are you know exactly what this challenge is. Buying a K series throttle body without also purchasing an intake manifold adapter has been nearly impossible.

Owners with a PRB/PRC or RBC/RRC intake manifold will either need an expensive throttle body adapter or replace the throttle body altogether. Good news is, BLOX Racing has you covered with this multi-purpose K Series 70mm throttle body.

Image courtesy BLOX Racing – New K series 70mm throttle body

BLOX K Series 70mm throttle body features

CNC machined from billet aluminum, the BLOX K series throttle body incorporates dual bolt patterns. This eliminates the need for an adapter and gets your Honda K swap on the road fast. Yes, you heard that right! Fits both RBC/RRC as well as PRB/PRC intake manifolds, so RBC throttle adapters need not apply.

Combined with BLOX quality and fitment, and you’ve got an incredible upgrade in a multipurpose form factor. What more could you want? Provisions for your factory sensors and IACV? No problem at all!

Featuring IACV passages and sensor mount points, OEM Honda components bolt-on without a hassle. Installation of this K series throttle body couldn’t be easier. Check out the BLOX K20 throttle body here.

The new 70mm throttle body from BLOX Racing also comes in a 72mm size if you really want to crank up the boost in your turbo VTEC. Available in both black and silver, each BLOX Racing K series throttle body is anodized for a long-lasting, durable finish.

BLOX Racing K series throttle body fitment guide

These K Series throttle body upgrades will fit any K series engine swap. The dual bolt pattern design of this BLOX part gives you the ability to fit PRB or PRC manifolds for the 2002-2006 Acura RSX, or the JDM K20A Type-R. Those with an RBC or RRC manifold for their 2006-2011 Honda Civic Si, or JDM K20A Type-R also fit the bill.

Dual-pattern to fit PRB/PRC and RBC/RRC manifolds
Provisions for TPS and IACV
Throttle bracket included
Includes hardware, fitting, port plug and gasket

Have any questions about this BLOX K Series 70mm throttle body? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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