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First Drive – 2019 Hyundai Veloster N Review

Making it’s appearance in 2011, the Hyundai Veloster has enjoyed a fair amount of success. For all of it’s affordable and budget minded sporty accolades however, the Korean hatchback has been a bit of an afterthought in many tuner circles. Luckily for us, the all new 2019 model could very well change your mind. We take the hatchback for a spin in our Hyundai Veloster N Review.

At a cursory glance, the Veloster we were allowed to drive at the event didn’t look like much. For the uninitiated, the hatchback could be assumed to be nothing more than a handful of manufacturer exterior upgrades.

Hyundai Veloster N review

The larger wheels, the upgraded front grill and additional accents didn’t do much to convince us otherwise. After all, we’ve got a project Veloster of our own, one we will be bringing live coverage to soon.

So to say that our time in this Hyundai Veloster N review started out a tad boring is to be assumed. Getting behind the wheel and turning on the Veloster seemed simple, even routine. All of that drab weariness woke us up at the first turn and stab of the throttle however.

Let’s take a look at this awesome machine, and how it could shape the upcoming hatchback wars.

Inside the Hyundai Veloster N review

Named after Hyundai’s engineering facility in Namyang, Korea; the “N” is their flagship performance offering. Representing the very first performance vehicle of their lineup the Veloster N is more than the sum of its parts.

In fact this hatchback is dare we say it, impressive and more than a stable foothold of credibility and performance that be relied on. Hyundai has built a reputation on strong decisions and empowering their people to lead them to victory.

They didn’t waver when it came to the Hyundai Veloster N either. Hiring a bevy of former engineers from the renowned M division, the Veloster N is purpose built.

Built on the venerable 2.0 liter engine that’s driven a generation of turbocharged vehicles, the Veloster N was quite impressive. Driving the N was easy part of our Hyundai Veloster N review, let’s just say that.

Driving Impressions – Hyundai Veloster N review

With roots harkening back to Evolutions of yesteryear, the Veloster loves to rev and run hard. Like the 4G63 of years past, the N responds to boost as you would expect. Stomp on the accelerator and you understand how Hyundai aims to make a mark.

Although the pickup and decreased lag of the Veloster shines, as expected it does leave you wanting for more top end. Saying that however it was pleasing to find that the midrange is more than game.

This can of course be attributed to the twin scroll design of the turbocharger. The fact one is found in a production performance car like this speaks volumes to how serious Hyundai is.

The same engine is also found in the turbo version of the Sonata. Hyundai upgraded the Veloster with an increased exhaust and related components, cranking up the wick just a tad. Driving the Veloster makes you appreciate the turbocharged rockets of the 90s, and it is ever ready to play it’s part.

This amounts to 270 horsepower and 268 ft lbs of torque for the Performance Package. With electronic exhaust control and a nice little steering wheel button to boot, the N can come to life.

Handing the Veloster

Handing at speed is where the real fun began in our Hyundai Veloster N review. Driving a route through Highway 1 didn’t hurt things either, giving the hatchback it’s full run.

Performance mode is Hyundai’s electronic control that gives you the ability to crank up everything about the N. Suspension responds faster, steering input steps it up a notch and the throttle becomes far more responsive.

Wrapping 235 Super Sport P Zero’s at each corner doesn’t hurt either, if you know what I mean. Pushing the Veloster didn’t produce any instability, in fact it’s almost like the car wants you to mash it.

Braking is handed by massive 12.4 inch discs in back and a chunky 13.6 unit up front. Hyundai also included venting to cool the brakes at speed. With this much control and braking, it will definitely be interesting to see the Veloster vs Civic Type R battles to come.

At the Civic Type R continues breaking records however, Hyundai has it’s work cut out for it. Considering the performance evident in our Hyundai Veloster N review however, the Civic Type R is going to be an interesting opponent.

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