Often talked about, the Vision GT program is unique in every right. After all, there’s much to be said about the way the next generation thinks about cars and technology. In this very vein, the Bugatti Vision GT is every bit the front runner you expect it to be. After all, it is Bugatti.

Our first interaction with the famed Bugatti Vision GT was at the SEMA Show. We’ve long covered SEMA, the largest automotive aftermarket car show on Earth. Of course, finding the Bugatti Vision GT nestled within the many exhibition halls was quite the adventure in and of itself.

Bugatti Vision GT

Look inside the Bugatti Vision GT

Set against the backdrop of the Vision GT program, and next to the McLaren was this remarkable machine. Indeed, the Bugatti Vision GT looks far different than it’s counterparts. The carbon fiber wing and aggressive body lines are every bit art as they are meant for performance.

Hidden beneath a thin veil of race bred styling cues is a purpose built machine. Every single part of the Bugatti Vision GT is meant for the ultimate in uncompromising performance. From the aggressive wing, those front dive plates, the center seat cockpit, this Bugatti has it all.

In the words of Bugatti’s CEO, Wolfgang Dürheimer :

“We’re building the world’s fastest, most exclusive, most luxurious and most powerful production super sports car.”

The Bugatti Vision GT was originally conceived as an addition to ranks of digital Vision Gran Turismo concepts. Where many other manufacturers such as Subaru have built one off concepts, Bugatti took this one step further.

Building a full-scale car rendered with production ready accuracy. Bugatti has set the bar extremely high. Fittingly, the entire design process was computer based and without a hint of clay anywhere. This is a departure from traditional car design engine approaches, but then again when talking about video game based production luxury race cars, what is normal anyways?

Behind the making of the Bugatti Vision GT

Easily one of the biggest things you take away from the Bugatti is the remarkable design and build quality. For anyone familiar with supercar performers, this is not a new impression. But even the most hardened SEMA Show goer will admit to the stunning badassery that is the Bugatti Vision GT.

With the Bugatti front splitter pushing forward, the running boards outwards and the wing jutting out daring downforce to come knocking. Even with all of these extreme and at times, garish looking design features the Vision GT is all business.

There’s nothing superfluous, no vent added for mere effect. Nothing that’s built without purpose, and we love it.

Beneath the carbon fiber body is the powerplant of a Veyron. Bugatti’s incredible quad turbo 8.0L W16. There are no official horsepower numbers from Bugatti, but we can guess it’s nothing to sneeze at. According to most video game experts in the know, the Bugatti Vision GT that will appear in Gran Turismo will be a monster.

At the front end of the Bugatti Vision GT is another purpose built component. The front end that’s designed to direct fresh cold air into the engine, the front dam splitters meant to keep tire contact patch to the tarmac, it’s all there for the taking.

Fresh air that’s gulped  through the horse shoe grille and lower intake is expelled through a side bonnet vent. The headlights double as extra intakes, giving Bugatti engineers a true nod for innovation. These intake channels bring cool air to the front brakes, bringing the Bugatti Vision GT to a halt faster.

Inspired by F1 and LeMans design, the Bugatti Vision GT takes aerodynamics solving an automotive air flow problem. But that’s not where the inspired design stops.

A high center console, similar in shape to the exterior side scoops,houses a thin strip of controls. The steering wheel is covered in a special lightweight and durable fabric usually reserved for professional racers.

Keep looking and you’ll notice more glimpses of design brilliance. Two curved screens, one on the wheel and one behind it, give you all the information you need. Feeds from the three exterior cameras give you the information on where you are. The Bugatti Vision GT really is a stroke of genius.

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