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1985-1996 Ford Escort Eibach Pro Spacer

1985-1996 Ford Escort Eibach Pro Spacer


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Eibach Pro Spacers are the best way to fill out your wheel well, and a perfect compliment to Eibach lowering springs and camber kits. When you lower your vehicle and upgrade your tires and rims, often times lack of variety or limited selection could make you disappointed in the overall look. When you've got the wrong offset for your vehicle, and your rims, look to Eibach for a complete wheel spacer solution.

These Eibach Pro Spacer wheel spacers are hub-centric and CNC machined to fit exactly onto your Ford Escort. Use these wheel spacers to push out your rims and get rid of that "floating" look that can often be associated with mismatched rims and tires.

Your Ford Escort has a hub center of 63.3mm, which these Eibach Pro Spacers are made for. Balanced and machined to fit your 4x108 bolt pattern and provide perfect wheel balance and fitment, the Eibach Pro Spacers are built from aerospace aluminum.

Eibach tops these Pro Spacers off with a DIN 50021 Approved Coating Process, that's meant to combat the elements and keep your wheel spacers looking fresh and new. This Eibach Pro Spacer coating is TUV, QS9000 and ISO9001 Quality Approved.

Not sure what the words offset, wheel spacer and wheel well mean? Take a look at our wheel spacer primer where we explain and go over what the wheel spacer does.

There's a variety of Eibach Pro Spacers available for your 1985-1996 Ford Escort, and the listings are found below : Eibach Pro Spacer [Ford Escort(1985-1996) Eibach Pro Spacer [Ford Escort(1985-1996) Eibach Pro Spacer [Ford Escort(1985-1996) Eibach Pro Spacer [Ford Escort(1985-1996) Eibach Pro Spacer [Ford Escort(1985-1996)

Features of the Eibach Pro Spacer

  • Made from High-Strength Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
  • Precision Engineered Hub-Centric and Model Specific for Perfect Fit and Wheel Balance
  • Strength-Tested for All Applications
  • Extreme corrosion Protection Through
  • Reduced Weight Compared to Steel Wheel Spacers
  • Million-Mile Warranty

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