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1970-1973 Nissan 240Z Megan Racing Street Coilovers

1970-1973 Nissan 240Z Megan Racing Street Coilovers

Megan Racing

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Megan Racing Coilover Dampers are the ultimate upgrade to your Nissan 240Z for track or street use. Manufactured with the highest level of quality for the average and avid fanatic alike. Featuring 32 Levels of damper force adjustment, full-height adjustment, these damper kits are then perfectly matched with front and rear Pillow Ball upper mounts for camber correction in most applications.

The quality and durability of the Megan Racing Damper kits are unmatched making these Megan Street Coilovers one of the best possible choices for your 240Z. Made of extremely durable Steel and featuring springs that are constructed of SAE-9254 Cold-Wound Steel which are then tested over 500,000 times by compression inspection. With deformation less than 5% and high strength sophisticated surface coating, we stand by our product with our strong warranty.

Some coilover kits may or may not include a camber kit plate, please check with your sales rep.

Megan Street coilovers are linear and these coilovers use the bottom mount to raise and lower the car, it’s important you set preload correctly to retain full suspension travel.

Adjusting your coilover preload is an essential part of installing your coilovers on any vehicle, and although this article is on our 1992 RB25 S13 it can apply to many such coilovers. If you have recently received your coilovers for your vehicle, they may have arrived like this set of older Megan coilovers.


FAQ : What do I need to do when installing my Megan Street Coilovers?

One of the most important steps when installing coilovers in your 1970-1973 Nissan 240Z is to set coilover preload before you install them into the car. This can be done using our guides and DIY articles at My Pro Street. When lowering your

Looking for a Megan Racing coilover install guide? Head on over to My Pro Street where we show you how to install a set of Megan Street Coilovers onto a 1995 Nissan 240SX. This is part of our Budget 240SX build, which you can follow at our blog. 

While the Megan Track Coilovers come from the factory with 12kg/mm in front and 10kg/mm in rear spring rates, we’ve opted for the more aggressive 16kg/mm in front and 12kg/mm in rear for maximum stiffness and swingability.

This coilover kit is bottom perch adjustable, meaning you will not lose suspension travel no matter how low you decide togo on your vehicle.

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This Megan Racing Street Coilover is built and manufactured to fit your Nissan from the year ranges of 1970-1973 and there's a few install notes from the manufacturer in regards to install on your 240Z. If you still have any questions about fitment or any modification that may or may not be required, give us a call at 1-888-776-7022.

Nissan 240Z 1970-73, requires modification of strut or strut inserts

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