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Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen Sensors can go by many names including air fuel ratio sensor or lambda sensor. They all share the same job however, allowing your Engine Control Unit (ECU) to monitor the air fuel mixture in your exhaust stream. Your ECU can then adjust the fuel delivery of your engine's injectors to help maintain efficiency and decrease emissions.


Oxygen Sensors are becoming more and more advanced, as manufacturers improve processes and materials for superior engine monitoring. High performance applications often utilize a wideband oxygen sensor, or multiple oxygen sensors to maximize engine control.

These sensors are also known as 02 sensors, and they constantly check the exhaust gases leaving your engine to see how your engine is running. An overly lean or rich condition can lead to a OBDII trouble code, which will result in your Malfunction Indicator Lamp being activated. This check engine code can be problematic and annoying.

Cadillac ATS Oxygen Sensor How To

When your Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) to go off, signifying some sort of error with your 02 sensor or your ECU, it can cause your car to stumble and run poorly.

Some of the OBDII related check engine codes can include, but are definitely not limited to;

P0141 Oxygen O2 Sensor Heater - This error typically means that the oxygen sensor on the bank in question is having an issue cycling, otherwise known as closed loop operation.

P0133 Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow - OBDII trouble code of P0133 indicates an issue with your oxygen sensor being slow or "lazy" as it's termed. This issue can severely impact your gas mileage and cause difficulty starting.

For more OBDII related How To's, DIY's and Tech tips, head over to DTC Doctor at My Pro Street, or browse a few articles below.

Toyota Corolla Oxygen Sensor DIY

DTC P0141 – How To Test a Toyota Corolla Oxygen Sensor

Today we're showing you how to test a oxygen sensor and fix the OBDII trouble code of P0141.

Our Toyota Corolla is equipped with the 1.8 liter 4 cylinder 1ZZFE engine, so we can ignore the Bank 1 designation and simply read Sensor 2.

This sensor is the one located after your catalytic converter, meaning you will need to raise your vehicle and secure it to apply our how to.

This oxygen sensor can also be called the rear 02, or the secondary 02 or even the downstream oxygen sensor, but they are all one in the same.

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Infiniti QX4 Oxygen Sensor

DTC P0150 – How To Test a Infiniti QX4 Oxygen Sensor

This guide shows you how to test a Infiniti QX4 oxygen sensor in a 2003 Infiniti QX4 with a VQ35DE engine.

The part number for this oxygen sensor is 22690-4W021, and there’s a few Nissan / Infiniti interchange part numbers, which include 22691-4W003.

Sensor 1 refers to the front 02 sensor, or the upstream oxygen sensor. Because your VQ35 relies on this air fuel reading to accurately adjust your fuel delivery in your 3.5 liter V6, P0150 can cause some serious driveability issues.

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DTC P0171 - How To Change your Cadillac ATS Oxygen Sensor

This How To Guide shows you how to replace the Bank 1 oxygen sensor which is the left primary sensor in a 2014 Cadillac ATS with the v6 LFX engine.

To locate your Cadillac ATS oxygen sensor, take a look at the exhaust manifold located on either side of your V6 LFX engine. Because we are dealing with Bank 1, you will be replacing the driver side 02 sensor and replacing it.

Bank 1 and Bank 2 signify the left and right side of the engines, in this case it’s a V6 so there’s the left bank and the right bank. Sensor 1 and Sensor 2 signify the front or rear oxygen sensor, so make sure to check your DTC Trouble code for location details.