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APSX Wideband O2 Air Fuel Ratio Digital Controller Gauge


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The APSX Wideband O2 is the newest and one of the best wideband gauges on the market. We've recently tested this gauge outside of our wideband shootout, where the APSX Wideband O2 matches the performance of far more expensive wideband choices. In fact in a direct head to head comparison between the APSX Wideband O2 and the AEM UEGO, we found little to no difference.

This wideband gauge from APSX combines excellent response time and accuracy, and it's paired to the Bosch LSU4.2 oxygen sensor. Built with high quality components, the APSX Wideband O2 sensor returns air fuel ratios in as little as 30 ms.
Together with the anti-glare lens, the APSX Wideband O2 gauge is the cheapest wideband gauge that works as well as the big boys. Designed for accurate reading and fast response, the APSX Wideband O2 gauge is simply one of the best wideband gauges on the market today. 

APSX Wideband O2 Features

Multiple Fuel Compatibility - No matter what fuel type you are using, the APSX Wideband O2 will work. Accurate up to 30ms, this gauge is one of the best wideband gauge choices on the market.

Datalogger - Analog or digital output choices make datalogging easy no matter what tuner or ECU you are using. Whether you are using a piggyback computer, or standalone EMS, the APSX Wideband O2 makes it easy to get data fast.

Slim Gauge - Measuring just 24mm thick, the APSX wideband is easy to fit into any gauge pod or mounting solution.

Output ranges - Lower and upper limits are 9 AFR and 19 AFR (0V = 9 AFR, 5V = 19 AFR,) where as digital outputs are fed through a 9600 8N1 serial cable that can be connected to your PC. 

Safety Features - The APSX wideband Soft Start technology protects oxygen sensor from damage. Both EFI and carbureted applications are compatible with the APSX Wideband O2 sensor. 

Narrow band functionality - You can also use low and high limits for analog and simulated NB (NarrowBand) functionality. This eliminates the need for dual oxygen sensors, which can be easy on any turbocharged setup or engine swap. 

Choose from five optional color LED displays for this remarkable APSX Wideband O2 sensor. Not only that but for a limited time we are offering FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states for this product! Order now and get the best wideband sensor on the market!

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