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Apexi SAFC NEO - 401-A917

Apexi SAFC NEO - 401-A917


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Championship wins and racing feedback is a big part of what the Apexi SAFC NEO is based on, and we've installed and tuned countless units. Many people think the age of piggyback computers has come to a close, but you can't argue bang for your buck when it comes to this tuning computer.

If you are looking to build a budget turbo car, there's no getting around the obvious gains and benefits you could reap from installing a Apexi SAFC NEO tuning computer. Good news is we also provide support for customers who need assistance installing their Super AFC NEO, and our online community at My Pro Street has the Piggyback Heaven section for those needing How-To's and assistance installing a SAFC.

Need a guide on How To Tune your Apexi Super AFC computer or How To Install? We've got you covered no matter what engine type you are running. Install the Apexi Super AFC NEO with our easy to follow instructions and put the power of the tuning computer in the palm of your hands.

We've raced and tuned many different versions of the Super AFC throughout it's lifespan, and the NEO is the evolution of this powerful tool.

By splicing into your air signal, you are effectively "tuning" your fuel curves based on RPM and Throttle Position. Equipping you with 16 different air-fuel ratio changes based on airflow sensor signal or pressure sensor signal with two distinct throttle maps, the SAFC gives you freedom to make power reliably.

The two maps allow you to run a low throttle and high throttle map, and paired with a wideband air fuel ratio gauge can be used to great efficiency. You can not only increase peak power and torque, but decrease your emissions and increase your fuel economy. Because you are modifying the input signal to alter the ECU's calculations in regard to injector pulse width, results will vary based on expertise.

Want more out of your BPU Toyota Supra? Use our How-To to install and dyno tune your 2JZGTE.

The flexibility of this tool is unrivaled so long as you know what you are doing. We've hacked and modified this unit, as well as installed it on vehicles that were never meant to run the SAFC NEO with tremendous results each and every time.

The Apexi SAFC NEO can also display real time values as well as additional sensors and outputs that can be used to trigger events. The "blue wire" mod is common for those who want a real time air/fuel ratio reading on the fly from their Super AFC.

The AFC-neo is a multifunctional sub-computer that allows the tuner to fine-tune air-fuel ratios, calculate MAF/MAP transfer functions, control VTEC or other solenoids, address stall issues associated with open-air blow off valves, and monitor key ECU data.

The AFC NEO is unique in the sense that it has a built in MAF/MAP transfer function, which is necessary when the tuner swaps MAF/MAP sensors from one vehicle application to another. By setting the sensor IN and OUT to the appropriate sensor numbers, the AFC NEO can act as a translator/emulator unit, eliminating the need for costly sensor or ECU reprogramming.

If your Apexi Super AFC NEO is broken or is not working properly, you can try our How To Fix guide to help you fix a screen that isn't lighting up. Unfortunately if you have not purchased the unit from us, we cannot warranty your unit. Make sure to purchase from an authorized Apexi Dealer to prevent this from happening.

You can also use this unit to modify your VTEC engagement point, if you don't already have a VAFC for that job. This feature will not work for i-VTEC equipped vehicles, so if you are looking for a VAFC check here. Conversely if you don't own a Honda, this trigger is great for nitrous switches, or additional water-injection solenoids.

In monitor mode, the driver can monitor digital engine RPM, throttle position, battery voltage, airflow sensor capacity usage, pressure sensor data, Karman frequency, MAF/MAP/Karman correction factor, and solenoid on/off status.

The AFC NEO is a universal unit that can be used on a wide range of cars and trucks that have an air metering system that uses a VAF, MAF or MAP sensors operating within the 0-5 volt range, as well as applications using Karman sensors. If you own a vehicle that does not have a 5 volt operating range, try our guides at hacking the SAFC NEO below.

Have any questions about the Apexi Super AFC NEO tuning computer? Let us know!

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