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1996-1998 Honda Civic JDM Fog lights

1996-1998 Honda Civic JDM Fog lights


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Perfect for Honda Civic EK owners who are after that JDM look, this set of Honda Civic JDM Fog lights are a perfect compliment for your 1996-1998 Civic. Fits any early Civic EK front bumper and requires very little cutting to the front bumper to make it fit.

In any 1996-1998 front bumper the area you will be cutting away is the small section shown below. This allows you to install your JDM fog lights with ease. All the brackets provided allow you to bolt on with ease.

How To Install Honda Civic Foglights

This Honda Civic fog light kit comes complete with wiring harness and interior toggle switch. Includes a wiring spade so you don't ever have to cut and splice any wiring. These Honda Civic JDM fog lights come with a wiring harness that plugs right into your fuse box.

Honda Civic Fog Light How To

Need a install tutorial or How To? Check out My Pro Street, our online community of tech tips, DIY articles and How To Articles. Learning how to install Honda Civic JDM fog lights when you use our How To tutorial is easy to do.

You can use any of the switched power pins on your fusebox. These fuses and relays are mounted under your driver side dashboard.

How To Install JDM Fog lights

Once you run the wiring harness into your engine bay and in front of your radiator support, the rest of the install is simple. Weatherproof connectors give you a easy snap in install. Once you have these JDM foglights in place, just pop out the driver side panel to install your fog light switch.


This DNA JDM fog light kit for your 1996-1998 Honda Civic comes with everything you need to complete the install. This includes the wiring harnesses, the mounting brackets as well as the fog light switch. This is a complete kit and it's ready to bolt in and install into your Honda Civic.

Have any questions about this part? Leave us a comment below or head over to My Pro Street for all the latest automotive news, articles and How To DIY tech tips.


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