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Before the computerized age of EFI came around, the carburetor did the same job. That job is to deliver the right amount of fuel to keep the engine running as smoothly as possible. This was accomplished through a series of very simple yet technical parts that work in conjunction to prevent a too lean (not enough fuel) or rich (too much fuel) situation.

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Later model carbureted vehicles do not require much maintenance, but if you need help in adjusting your choke, your idle mixture screws or setting your idle we can help.

Some people may be confused by how to select a carburetor for your hot rod or classic, and if you need help you’ve come to the right place.

Carburetor Tech

Adjusting Your Automatic Choke

The automatic choke is a very useful part of your carbureted fuel system, but it’s not without it’s own share of problems. Dirt debris and build up can prevent the choke plate shaft or the mechanism that moves it.

Spray your choke plate, and the shaft with a bit of silicone spray at oil-change intervals. This will ensure that your automatic choke and carburetor will serve you well for many years to come.

Remove excess build up or debris with compressed air or a can of carburetor cleaner to really get serious.

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Adjusting Idle Mixture Screws

Before adjusting your idle mixture screws, make sure you locate them and don’t confuse them for another part of your carburetor.

If your vehicle was built after 1981 and still sports the factory carb, chances are these screws are covered with caps or limiters.

These were installed due to a Federal mandate, making it more difficult for you to squeeze power from your carbureted engine.

These mandates and restrictions were put on factory carburetors to prevent people from fattening up their fuel mixture and increasing emissions.

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Using a dwell meter, you can set your idle speed

Connect the red lead to the distributor or your external coil, whichever the case is in your vehicle.

Then ground the black lead of the dwell meter in order to use your dwell meter on your distributor.

If your vehicle happens to have positive earth, this position will be reversed on your meter connections.

Remove the air cleaner by unscrewing your wing nut and then you are ready to learn how to check idle speed.

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Accelerator Pumps and You

The Accelerator pump in your carburetor is linked to the gas pedal through a rod that activates the pump arm. When this rod swings open, the piston inside the carburetor delivers more fuel into the venturi.

This fuel is required for the car to accelerate and without it both engine response and reliability decrease.

When you have a problem with the response in your throttle, chances are you have a problem with the accelerator pump or the rod.

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How To Pick a Carburetor

Pro Street can assist you in picking the right carburetor for your car. Many times people can get caught up in the CFM delivery without thought of daily driving or fuel economy.

Here’s a few pointers to help you choose the right carburetor, for more information head over to My Pro Street.