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500 CFM Holley 2 Barrel Carburetor

500 CFM Holley 2 Barrel Carburetor


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These Holley carburetors are perfect for racing classes where 2 barrel carbs are required, or for Hot Rodders looking for something different. They have many performance features, such as a manual choke, center hung float bowl, universal throttle lever, all-metal parts, replaceable jets, a power valve, high flow venturii, and a standard 5 1/8 in. air cleaner flange.

There's two different part numbers for this Holley 2300 carburetor, HLY-0-4412C and HLY-0-4412S. One comes in Dichromate finish, and the S comes with a silver finish. Both units have a 500 CFM rating, both are single inlet, manual choke operated Holley 2 Barrel carburetors.

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