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Cam Angle Sensors

The cam angle sensor in your EFI vehicle is one point of reference that your Electronic Engine Control Unit (ECU) will use to determine engine speed. When your cam sensor goes bad, or there’s a problem with your wiring that is causing an OBDII check engine trouble code, we can assist you. We not only provide the lowest priced cam angle sensor, we show you what our competitors sell the same part for!

The cam angle sensor in your vehicle is mounted on your cylinder head and usually near the camshafts, or the cam gears. Some engines like the 2JZ and FA10 mount the cam angle sensor on the side of the cylinder head. This is usually a hall effect sensor that reads the high and low parts of the machined cam shaft or the teeth of your cam gear.

The cam angle sensor can go by many names, so don't get confused. Camshaft position sensor or camshaft angle sensor are other names for the cam angle sensor.

When testing your camshaft position sensor, most people are looking for the reason as to why their car is not starting or has intermittent ignition problems. As the camshaft position sensor provides a real time positioning of the engine to the PCM, this is a very important reading for your vehicle.

This how to assumes you have good mechanical skill and are comfortable using a voltmeter, if you are unfamiliar with a voltmeter please ask someone to give you a hand. Check out some of the How To’s and DIY articles hosted at below.


This DIY guide helps you resolve your P0011 OBDII trouble code for over advance signal from your cam angle sensor.

More often than not, your camshaft position sensor is either failing or malfunctioning causing this OBDII DTC trouble code.

This guide shows you get rid of this code in a 2007 Subaru WRX STI, and showing you how to locate, service and replace your camshaft position sensor.

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The VQ35 Camshaft Position Sensors are hall effect type sensors that send the position of the camshaft to your PCM, without this information your engine will not run right.

These sensors are positioned in the rear of the engine, and in this scenario Bank 2 means the driver side of your 3.5L VQ35. This DIY Guide shows you how to service the cam angle sensor in a Infiniti G35.

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One of the most frequent questions we are asked here at Pro Street is “where is my camshaft position sensor located?” or“How can I test my camshaft position sensor?”

It’s a fair question considering the number of 2JZGTE engine swaps there are out there, after all it’s still a production engine.

This DIY article shows you how to test and measure the internal resistance of your cam angle sensor in a 2JZ.

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