For years now, there’s been talk of an all wheel drive version of America’s favorite hybrid. Toyota has balked at these advances until now, as they’ve just announced the all new 2019 Toyota Prius AWD. This model is called the Prius AWD-e, which should perform well in the US.

Along with an upgraded drivetrain, the Toyota Prius AWD gets a bevy of new options. These include but are not limited to an extensive increase in paint colors and changes to trim levels. The biggest change however is the all wheel drive element in the new 2019 Toyota Prius AWD.

The interior and build quality of the Prius AWD looks to be much improved. In fact during our drive, we could only find that the steering feedback felt vague and unconvincing. Other than that, there’s not much to complain about!

Wondering what the difference is between the old and new? Check out our Prius AWD specifications below to see just how the new Toyota Prius AWD stacks up to the competition.

Inside the 2019 Toyota Prius AWD

Equipped with Toyota’s all wheel drive technology, the 2019 Toyota Prius AWD is more than just pretty. At the heart of the all new AWD Prius is their independent electric motor assembly.

This system powers the rear wheels, increasing traction and overall safety. Anything from 0-6 miles an hour, these rear wheels are constantly engaged. The complex AWD-e system stays engaged and keeping you safe all the way up to and even sometimes over the 45 mph threshold.

That’s right.. the AWD Prius uses a separate electric motor that supplies power to the back tires full-time. Talk about something that sounds wonky, but knowing Toyota probably works extremely well.

Although mainstream all wheel drive electric cars may be a tad bit off, it’s a clear sign of how the automotive market is leaning. Eliminating our dependency on fossil fuels is no longer a viable alternative.

The Prius AWD-e is powered by the venerable hybrid four-cylinder engine. This 1.8 liter is delivering big time and is able to squeeze the most performance despite the additional weight and unsprung load on is body.

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