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Those that know about the UTEC know it has been a major success in the WRX world. The combination of power, usability, ease of installation, and free software updates has proven to be very attractive for those looking to reap the benefits of a tuned engine. Now we are bringing those same basic principles to EVO customers in the form of the EVO UTEC.

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  • Plug-&-Play - No cutting, splicing or additional sensors required, 20 minute, do-it-yourself installation
  • End-user programmable via PC or PDA with HyperTerminal, and our Game Boy and Smart Cable (coming soon), Fine tune the maps for your exact setup
  • Pre-programmed base maps get you started quickly and safely, Base maps for our Staged upgrade packages
  • Five (5) maps plus ďstock modeĒ selectable with a flick of the optional remote switch, Create custom maps for street gas, race gas, nitrous, or whatever. No need to lug around a laptop just to switch between your program
  • Fuel, ignition timing, and boost are programmable in 250rpm increments up to 9000rpm over 10 load sites
  • Complete ignition timing control
  • Fuel control - Controlled via MAF sensor signal offset, Tune stock and larger than stock injectors
  • Load reference - MAP (manifold pressure)
  • Closed loop boost control programmable via Throttle Position and RPM
  • Knock control - Automatically retards timing when the knock is detected safeguarding against engine damage
  • Adjustable knock threshold, timing correction, and duration
  • On board data logging
  • Built in programmable solenoid controller
  • Control Nitrous, Water Injection, Intercooler Sprayer etc.
  • Drag racing launch control (secondary rev limit used during launch)
  • Free software upgrades
  •  Universal All Years TXS-EVO8-UTEC $899.99
    Trim: Specs: EVO8 UTEC Engine Management

     Universal All Years TXS-STI-UTEC-US $899.99
    Trim: Specs: UTEC Engine Mgmt USDM Sti

     Universal All Years TXS-SWITCH-UTEC $69.99
      Specs: UTEC Remote Map Selector Switch (UTEC-Switch)

     Universal All Years TXS-WRX-UTEC-US $899.99
    Trim: Specs: WRX User Tunable Engine Control - 2002 - 2005

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    TurboXS UTEC Information


    1. What is the UTEC?
    The UTEC is a plug and play User Tunable Engine Computer. The UTEC allows you to control all of your engine parameters vital to making power. Tuning the UTEC is simple as connecting it to a laptop, pda or our Game Boy Advanced DTEC cable. In basic form we allow absolute control over Fuel, Ignition Timing and Boost Control. Each control gives you 250 rpm resolution from 0-9000 rpm with over 10 different load sites. Car specific UTEC models have pre-programmed base maps to help get you up and driving right away. In addition to having a pre-programmed base maps the UTEC has provisions for 5 different mappings. The multi-map capability allows you to use our remote map selector to switch between the 5 maps or stock mode on the fly. Your tuning options are endless when you can have a race map and daily driving map at the tip of your fingers. The power is all yours!

    The easiest way to visualize it would be to break down itís components into separate systems.

    i. Boost Control- The UTEC allows you to map your own boost map with 250 rpm resolution with over 10 different load sites from 0-9000 rpm. The boost map load reference is relative to TPS. This will allow you to dial in your boost level at any throttle position. There are two different types of boost control the UTEC uses, Closed Loop and Open Loop. The most basic form of boost control is Open Loop. You are controlling boost by absolute duty cycle of your boost control solenoid you have a value range from 0%-100%. Closed Loop boost controls boost by manifold absolute pressure feedback system. Your Boost Map values will range from 0-500 with the use of Closed Loop Boost Control. Using this method for boost control allows for consistent boost levels throughout the different weather changes in a year.

    ii. Fuel Control- The UTEC takes control of your vehicles fuelling decisions at approximately at 25% TPS by default but it is programmable. Once you have crossed this TPS mapping point the UTEC is in absolute control, it making the decision of injector pulse width at this point. We added simplicity to the tuning of the fuel map by keeping it simple with the use of a MAF offset table to adjust the map. The load reference we use is RPM vs. Manifold Absolute Pressure. This allows the fuel map to be adjusted at each of the 250 rpm resolution with over 10 different load sites from 0-9000 rpm. The added bonus of UTEC making fuel decision allows us to specify fuel cut off for Overboost conditions, Primary Rev Limit and Secondary Rev Limit control (launch control/flat shift). All of these features are available for your adjustment above stock defaults at your own risk.

    iii. Ignition Timing- The UTEC gives you complete control of timing. This is not done on the basis of offsets or altering the crank signal as some engine management systems use. The load reference we use is RPM vs. Manifold Absolute Pressure. This allows the fuel map to be adjusted at each of the 250 rpm resolution with over 10 different load sites from 0-9000 rpm. When you enter a value into the Ignition Map you are actually typing in Degreeís Before Top Dead Center. The UTEC fires the coils based on these values.

    iv. Knock Control- This feature allows you to help keep your motor in one piece. The UTEC contains default knock thresholds but can be adjusted at 1000 rpm increments up to 9000 rpm. It also contains a Knock Count threshold that allows you to define how many counts of knock before the UTEC will respond with a Knock Retard Step. The Knock Retard Step is the amount of ignition timing that will be pulled per knock count to a defined Knock Maximum Retard. Knock Maximum Retard relates to the maximum degrees of timing the UTEC will retard per knock event. When a knock count is registered the UTEC will hold the retard for a set number of crank cycles this is called Knock Retard Duration. This feature is the UTECís safety net, should be used pro-active not as a reactive measure. You donít want to knock no more than it takes to you to figure out the tuning problem.

    v. Datalogging- The UTEC datalogging function helps you to keep an eye on your engines vitals. Using the logger gives you all the information you want to know about your vehicle. You can take multiple logs of your vehicle weather itís simple driveability or all out racing. You can be sure the UTEC is keeping an eye out when you canít. The main logger (Number1) contains rpm, map, maf voltage, tps, load site, afr, ignition timing, injector duty cycle, modified fuel (fuel control) and more. Logs can be output into text files or csv files for easy comparison. When the UTEC is used with a TXS Tuner model it can also supply you with w/b afr readings in your logs as well. Giving you the ultimate tuning package.

    vi. Launch Control/Flat Shift Ė This is a function that can help you launch the car with consistency and help you to shift smoothly. It works by using your clutch switch for activation of the secondary rev-limit. As long as your clutch pedal is depressed and you are at full throttle the secondary rev-limit will be active and it will limit your revs to the value you set. It is common for you be able to build 10+ psi within 3-5 seconds of using the Launch Control during a start, making for fast 60ft. times. The Flat Shift portion work when you are shifting through the gears whenever you depress the clutch it activates your secondary rev limit allowing full throttle shifts without over revving the engine.

    vii. Software Upgrade- The UTEC will have periodic software updates to further innovate itís tunability and flexibility. The most current version of software will be available on our website .

    viii. Remote Map Selector- The remote selector gives you the capability to switch between your UTEC maps. It also allows you to revert back to full stock ecu control on map 0 (when stock sized injectors are used). Maps 1 through 5 are your UTEC tunable map locations. Map 6 would be your Valet mode, limits boost to wastegate pressure (if using utec boost control) basically making the least power so you can hopefully leave your car with the friendly but car crazy valet guy with hopes of seeing the car again. Map 7 is your security mode, the car will not start. The car cannot be bump started or jumped when security mode is enabled.

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