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Eagle Stroker Engine Kits

These comprehensive kits from Eagle include a new Eagle crankshaft, a set of Eagle rods, Clevite bearings, and Arias Pistons and Rings for a complete rotating assembly that will take your Evo up to 2.3 Liters, increasing displacement and therefore improving torque and aiding spool-up. Not only will this kit give your B or D series powerplant more displacement, it will also improve the strength of your bottom end, allowing you to run high boost levels without worry. Please understand that this is not a do-it-yourself project, it will require removal and re-installation of the engine and all of its major components (timing belt, oil pump, etc.) In addition the block must be machined, cleaned, and bored to fit the new components. Expect to spend around $1500 on machine shop labor, plus whatever the installation and removal expenses may be.

Please check with your sales rep regarding fitment and installation

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-1985 $1300.50
  Specs: EAGLE KIT:B16A-1.8L STROKER/10.8:1 (KIT)

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-1986 $1681.98
  Specs: EAGLE KIT:B16A-1.8L STROKER/11.8:1 (KIT)

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-1987 $1300.50
  Specs: EAGLE KIT:B16A-1.8L STROKER/9:1 (KIT)

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-1988 $1324.98
  Specs: EAGLE KIT:B16A-1.9L STROKER/11.5:1 (KIT)

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-1989 $1324.98
  Specs: EAGLE KIT:B16A-1.9L STROKER/9:1 (KIT)

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-1990 $1475.45
  Specs: EAGLE KIT:B16A-1.9L/11.5:1 LW CRAN (KIT)

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-1991 $1681.98
  Specs: EAGLE KIT:B18A-2L STROKER/9:1 (KIT)

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-1992 $1300.50
  Specs: EAGLE KIT:B18C-1.8L STROKER/9:1 (KIT)

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-1993 $1681.98

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-1994 $1527.96
  Specs: EAGLE KIT:B20B-2.1L STROKER/9.5:1 (KIT)

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-1995 $1681.98
  Specs: EAGLE KIT:B20B-2.1L STROKER/9:1 (KIT)

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-1996 $1681.98
  Specs: EAGLE KIT:B20B-2.2L STROKER/11.5:1 (KIT)

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-1997 $1681.98
  Specs: EAGLE KIT:B20B-2.2L STROKER/11.5:1 (KIT)

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-1998 $1426.98

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-1999 $1426.98

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-2000 $1284.18
  Specs: HONDA LW STROKER KIT:B18 2.0L 11.2 (KIT)

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-2001 $1284.18
  Specs: HONDA STROKER KIT:B18 2.0L 11.2:1 (KIT)

 Honda Universal EAG-PSO-2002 $1273.98
  Specs: PISTON/ROD/CRANK KIT:B18A/B-81.5mm/9.5:1 (KIT)

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